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- It helps to retain moisture

- Mulching suppresses weeds

- Mulch can add nutrients to the soil

- It can improve the overall structure of the soil; reducing compaction

- It provides a decorative finish



When and How


- Straight after planting

- It is best applied around winter to spring time


- Apply mulches at a depth of 2-4 inches

- Re-apply to this depth every year

- Apply general slow release fertilizer first to add extra nutrients to the soil.


Mulches Available


- Bark chip mulch

  > Locks in moisture

  > Decorative Finish

  > Weed Suppressor


- Soil conditioner

  > Weed Suppressor

  > Soil structure improved

  > Nutrients added


- Compost Mulch

  > Top quality compost

  > Soil Structure improved


- Rotted Horse Manure

  > Ideal for rosebeds

  > Nutrients added

  > Soil structure improved


- Amended Soil

  > A top quality enriched soil to top up your beds

  > Nutrients added

  > Soil structure improved




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